We'd like to thank you for becoming a Sandpiper Nursery & School parent. 

I want to acquaint you with two of our main philosophies here at Sandpipers School. 


Some of you may know that I have a long history with Montessori teaching. I love the core philosophy that Dr. Montessori instills in her teachings, “Respect for the Child”. Our staff members at Sandpipers are chosen based on their natural abilities to speak with the children in a respectful manner. This includes not interrupting a child who is concentrating, and not measuring successes of any child against another, all the while taking the time to build positive connections and seeing each child as an individual. I have attached a link that explains this on a deeper level. Cultivating Respect - Montessori Services.


Our second philosophy or aim at Sandpipers is to emulate "home life" at school. Sandpipers is open 11 hours a day! This means that many children spend a full day with us.  We want to create an atmosphere of home life, allowing each child to feel comfortable (like they do at home) while learning and engaging with new friends. I am a firm believer that a child who is at ease, both socially and emotionally can master academics much more confidently. I hope you all agree! 

"school, family, community"

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