Parent Policy and Procedures


Table of Contents




Introduction                                                                             Page 3


SGIS Policies and Operation Information

Admission policy                                                                      Page 4

Hours of operation                                                                   Page 5

SGIS Program content                                                              Page 5


Infant Programs: Play-based Learning (ages 03 - 18 months) 

Toddler Child Programs:  Play-based Learning (ages 18 - 30 months)

Preschool Programs: Montessori/Mainstream (ages 30 - 36 months) 

Pre K Programs: Montessori/Mainstream (ages 4 – 5 years)

After School Clubs: 3:00-6:00 (ages 3 and upwards)

Behavior management philosophy                                            Page 7

Health and safety                                                                    Page 8

SGIS Emergency evacuation                                                     Page 10

Sandpipers Tuition Fees                                                            Page 10

Late Tuition Fees Policy                                                             Page 12


SGIS Other Important Policies to Know

Confidentiality                                                                         Page 11

Non-discrimination policy                                                         Page 11

Arrival & departure times                                                         Page 11

Sign in/out procedures                                                             Page 11

Late pick-up/Early drop off policies                                            Page 12

Vacation/Notice of absence policy                                              Page 12

Supply list                                                                               Page 13 

Withdrawal policies                                                                   Page 14

Miscellaneous information                                                         Page 15

 Agreement form                                                                      Page 16





Parents are welcome to a PDF copy of our policies at the time of your tour.

Once enrolled you will be emailed a copy and asked to sign the agreement form on the last page

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