Sandpipers Preschool Program

3 year olds


Sandpipers Preschool has created its very own international "blended curriculum".  This means that we have integrated the Montessori method and philosophy with mainstream standards. 


We adhere to the Montessori ethos for work cycles and social-emotional development.  Our preschool teachers create meaningful lessons that will guarantee your child loves to learn and becomes an active participant in day to day life.

" Preparing our children for tomorrow' s world"


Our Sandpipers preschoolers are ready for any challenge that comes their way.

Children of this age are true inquirers. It’s the stage where you will hear the question, "why?" 1000 times a day. They are ready to start finding the answers on their own; in fact, they delight in taking ownership of the learning process.


While working on inquiry skills, the New York State (NYC DOE) 3K for all Exploration Program program provides the outline for three themed units to be covered in the year. Through games, songs, stories, and physical experiences, children will learn numbers, letters, colours, and shapes. Handwriting, early reading skills, and numeracy are also explored. Our approach is to integrate these skills into all that we do, with small group lessons and learning centers to introduce new skills as children become ready.


Sandpipers Preschool Daily Schedule(with after care)


7:00-9:00:     Arrival to School & Free Play 
8:50-9:00:     Tidy Up Routine and Transition to Classroom Circle Time 
9:00-9:20:     Curriculum Circle: Good Morning Song, Student Check-In, Calendar & Learning Topics 
9:20-9:45:     Whole-Class Activity 
9:45-10:15:    Snack & Washroom Time 
10:15-10:45:  AM Outdoor Play 
10:45-11:30:  Planned Curriculum (learning station rotations)  
11:20-11:30:  Tidy Up Routine & Transition to Lunch Time 
11:30-12:00:   Lunch Time 
12:00-2:30:    Rest Time (Quiet Activities & Washroom Routine for early risers) 
2:30-3:00:      Free Play/Small Group Activities (Transition to After Care Program)  
3:00-3:30:      Afternoon Circle & Snack Time 
3:15-3:30:      PM Snack & Washroom Time 
3:30-4:15:      Outdoor Play 
4:15-5:15:      After Care Program Planned Activity 
5:15-5:30:      Snack Time 
5:30-6:00:      Storybooks on Carpet/Quiet Carpet Activities 
6:00               Sandpipers Closes, see you tomorrow! 

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