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Ms. Susanne is passionate about top quality child care. She enjoys being surrounded by curious children and like-minded educators.


Ms. Susanne is starting work on her Master's of Education degree at St.George's University August 2019. In addition to this she is a qualified educator having obtained both her Early Childhood and Elementary Montessori teaching degrees, along with her Bachelor of Liberal Arts: specializing in Education. She started her career as an educator in 1989 in Canada and relocated to Grenada in 2008 to establish the Grenada Montessori School. She developed curriculums and provided trainings to many public schools in Grenada.

“Busy Bee”

Sandpiper director

Ms. Susanne

Grenada private school toodle teacher

Ms. Jackie is a hidden gem! The minute we met I knew she would make a lovely assistant teacher. She is patient and respectful to both the children and the other staff members.


In addition to raising her own family, Ms. Jackie was employed at the GAP for 5 years. Here she was trained in early childhood education techniques. She was excited at the opportunity to continue her professional and personal development at Sandpipers Nursery and Preschool.

“Sandpiper Superstar”

Assistant teacher

Ms. Jackie

Infant teacher private school Grenada

Ms. Wilma has 30 years of experience working with infants and toddlers. She has 6 children of her own and 2 grandchildren.


Ms. Wilma was previously employed by Ms. Susanne at the Grenada Montessori School. This is where their relationship was formed. Ms. Susanne knew Ms. Wilma was an excellent infant teacher and wanted her to join the Sandpipers Team. Ms. Wilma was excited to join us and brought with her 6 years’ experience working at the GAP, where she was trained in international standards for caregiving.


Ms. Wilma is happiest when she is surrounded by children.

“Aunty Wilma”

Infant teacher

Ms. Wilma

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Ms. Sofie is 23 years old and was born and raised in Denmark: her parents are from the Ukraine. She is currently studying early childhood education at the University of Copenhagen.

Her past experience includes work in underprivileged areas with high needs kindergarten students who had varying special needs, such as autism and speech impairments. In addition to this Ms. Sofie supported and worked closely with the parents. Ms. Sofie enjoys working with the elderly in her spare time.

We are thrilled to have Sofie as part of our “teachers in training” team.




“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching.”

 - William W. Purkey

"Danish Intern" 

Ms. Sofie

Grenada private toodler teacher

Ms. Tiffany is a pro when it comes to handling toddler behaviours. She has an innate quality that allows her to move with ease throughout the classroom, managing our ever-busy and boisterous 2-year old’s!


Ms. Susanne and Ms. Tiffany met 4 years ago at a family friend child’s birthday party. Ms. Susanne observed that Ms. Tiffany had what it takes to work with this very challenging age group. Ms. Tiffany finally said “yes” to joining our team!


Ms. Tiffany has 3 years prior work experience in a local daycare before joining the Sandpiper Team. She is always looking for new and challenging activities for the toddler group.

“Toddler Teacher Extraordinaire”

Toddler teacher

Ms. Tiffany

french speaking teacher grenada

Ms. Camille enjoys volunteering, scuba diving, and, of course, teaching! She spends her mornings at Sandpipers and her afternoon at the Limes school. She is a French-American teacher from California, but we are happy to have her here in Grenada!


Ms. Camille attended McGill University and received her Bachelor of Education in 2016. She has over ten years’ experience working with children. Ms. Camille loves children and believes that a school’s job is not only to teach students academics, but also tolerance, citizenship, and emotional intelligence.

“Preschool Superstar”

Preschool teacher

Ms. Camille


Ms. Abigail’s mother has been a long-time specialist in early child care. Her mother, Ms. Zelma, has been running a home daycare since Abigail can remember. Ms. Abigail was raised in the home daycare and could always be counted on to help out.


This has been helpful as Ms. Abigail has the ability to adapt to all ages. She can be found mixing bottles for the infants, engaging with the toddlers, or helping pre-schoolers with their lunch routines. This year 2019-2020 Ms. Abigail begins her training as preschool assistant. 


She is a calm and reliable woman, and this is a welcome attribute amongst our staff and children. Welcome aboard! 

“Ms. Extraordinaire”

Preschool Assistant

Ms. Abigail


Ms. Cecilie was born and raised in the Faroe Islands, which is in the North Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Norway. In 2016, she moved to Denmark to study early childhood education.


Since the age of 18, Ms.Cecilie has been working as a substitute teacher in a local Faroese Kindergarten. During this time, she worked as a support teacher for a child with speech problems. She also has experience working with elderly with dementia. 


We are happy to have Ms. Cecilie as part of our “teachers in training” team and we look forward to learning more about the beautiful part of the world she is from.





“Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.” - Paulo Coelho`

"Danish Intern" 

Ms. Cecilia

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