Ms. Susanne

Sandpiper director

Ms. Susanne has over 30 years experience working in child care and primary schools. She is passionate about providing top quality child care and training Grenadian woman in professional learning communities. She enjoys being surrounded by curious children and like-minded educators.


Ms. Susanne started her career as an educator in 1989 in Canada and relocated to Grenada in 2008 at which time she established the first ever Montessori school in Grenada. She is now the owner and director of Sandpiper Nursery and School. 

"Learning for life" is her motto.

Ms. Tyra

Infant and Toddler Caregiver

Ms. Tyra is new to our team. She is currently teaching the toddlers.


Ms Tyra is energetic and her classroom is a busy joyful space. This positive energy makes her well-loved by all the Sandpiper children.  

The Sandpiper teaching team welcomes Ms. Tyra and looks forward to aiding her with developing her skills in lesson planning, child development, and collaborative learning. 

Ms. Reah

Infant and Toddler Caregiver

Ms, Reah is one of our amazing

toddler teachers.


She is compassionate and caring. 

Ms. Reah has been taking part in our professional learning community and is engaged in our mini-workshops "teachers training teachers". 

She is a calm and reliable woman, and this is a welcome attribute amongst our staff and children. 

"working hard towards your dreams"

Ms. Lucy

Preschool Directress (ages 3-5) 

Ms. Lucy has successfully incorporated the Montessori method into mainstream schools, which makes her a perfect fit for Sandpipers' specialized & international curriculum.


"My aim is to inspire children to develop a love for learning and help them to grow into happy, confident young adults." Ms. Lucy.


She also has passions in outdoor learning, forest school lessons, and art therapy techniques. Ms. Lucy has a diploma in nutrition and enjoys teaching healthy eating initiatives to children as well as leading mindfulness sessions daily.

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