What is a blended program? 

Sandpiper School uses a unique blended program that is a mixture of Montessori and mainstream methods. While the Montessori method creates an independent, motivated learner, we also are aware of the need to prepare the child for traditional schooling. Once our students graduate from kindergarten, they are well prepared for the academic challenges for mainstream schools both in Grenada and overseas. Our classes are made up of individual, small, and large group lessons centered around concepts that are required by international educational standards. Activities are hands-on, play-based, and provide opportunities for exploration and manipulation. Sandpiper School uses Montessori manipulatives and learning centers to develop independence, creativity, and motivation. We are outside every day for hours of outdoor explorations. Children will have many opportunities for learning and growth. 


"Educating today's learners for tomorrow's world!" 


To learn more about what curriculum we are using, click on the drop-down menu for each specific program. 

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